Licensed Training Materials

Licensed Training Materials

Definition of Licensed Training Materials

Licensed training materials are materials that are available in either physical or digital formats that are made compulsory by the principle in order to complete the course.

This is usually done in instances where appointed training providers are licensed to run signature courses from a principle. Such materials will be used by the trainer and trainees to facilitate the training programme throughout the duration of the licensed course. 

How to apply for licensed training materials to be claimable?

The HRD Corp-registered training provider is required to provide the following document(s):
  1. Official letter to the Head of Training Market Department.
  2. Invoices or other documents showing the ACTUAL purchase price of the material from the principle.
  3. A hard copy of the licensed training material(s).
All of the supporting documents stated above must be submitted via email to except for the materials which have to be delivered to the Head of Training Market department.

The application should be submitted before the training commences. Successful applications will be notified through email.

The validity for this pre-approval is for a period of two (2) years. After this period, the training provider is required to submit a new application if they still subscribe to the licensed training materials from the principle. 

Notes: Training materials which are developed by the training provider themselves will not be considered. The cost of development should be borne by the training provider themselves and embedded into their course fee.

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