Information Technology Scheme (IT)

Information Technology Scheme (IT)

Information Technology and Computer-Aided Training (IT) is a scheme designed to encourage employers to further re-train their employees in the field of Information Technology through financing the purchase of computers and related equipment, as well as an internet connection, for the first year.

HRD Corp Support*:
Financial assistance up to RM25,000

*Applications can be made once in every 3 years for Headquarters and Branches
*The number of desktop / laptop as per 1 unit: 5 employee’s ratio

Application Procedure & CRITERIA:
-Employers may submit their application via e-TRiS under the IT scheme. 
-Applications must be submitted to HRD Corp for approval, before the purchase of computers and equipment. 
-Applications can be made once every three (3) years.
-Employer must have a fixed computer lab/ training room

Required supporting documents:
-1x quotation from one vendor for the purchase of computers.
-List of computer training programmes that have been conducted in the previous year and list of proposed computer training programmes to be conducted for one (1) year.
-Sketch of classroom size including the layout plan.

1. Login to your Employer’s eTRiS account. 
2. Click on Applications.

3. Click on Grant.
4. Select Apply Grant.

5. Select IT from the Scheme Code drop-down menu and click Apply. 

6. Fill in the required information in the Employer’s Profile section and click Next.

7. Fill in the required information in the Programmes Conducted in the Past 1 Year section, click Add, followed by Next.   

8. Fill in the required information in the Programmes to be Conducted section, click Add followed by Next.   

9. Fill in the model details and price in the Estimated Cost for IT section, click Add followed by Next.  

10. Fill in the Vendor Details and click Next.

11. Fill in the required information, attach all supporting documents, click Save, followed by Submit Application.

12. Applications that have been successfully submitted will be reviewed by the Grants Officer within two (2) working days. The Grant Officer may also request further information, clarification or supporting documents if and when necessary. 

13. The application status, including approval, will be updated on the employer’s eTRiS Dashboard and Inbox. Employers will also be notified via email.  

Click here for more information. 
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