General FAQs - Grant & Claim Application

General FAQs - Grant & Claim Application

With reference to the Employer’s Circular No.3/2021 and Training Provider’s Circular No.3/2021, effective 1st April 2021, HRD Corp will no longer approve training grant applications that are not registered under the SBL-KHAS scheme, except for specific types of training. 


1. Who should obtain the grant approval?
Grant applications must be submitted by registered employers online before the training commences.

2. Who can submit the claim?
Training providers can submit the claims for their course fee only. Allowances, consumable training materials, internet data subscription or digital materials and other expenses must be claimed by the employers.  Employers can only submit a claim once the training provider's claim has been approved.

3. What are the required supporting documents needed for the claim submissions?


Claim submitted by the Training Provider (Face-to-Face training) 

  1. PSMB/ SBL-KHAS/JD/14 form
  2. Invoice - Address to PSMB
  3. PSMB/SBL-KHAS/T3/01 - attendance list form (must be signed by trainees on a daily basis and certified by Training Provider)


Claim submitted by the Training Provider (Remote Online Learning) 


  1. PSMB/SBL-KHAS/JD/14 form 
  2. Invoice - address to PSMB 
  3. PSMB/SBL-KHAS/T3/01 - attendance form (fill up all requires information. Physical signature not required 
  4. System generated attendance report (Must be certified by both, the training provider and employer with their signature, authorised officer’s name, designation, company stamp, and date)


Claim submitted by the Employer (Face-to-Face training)


  1. PSMB/SBL-KHAS/T3/01 Attendance list form (Allowances)
  2. Invoice and official receipt (Transportation)
  3. E-ticket / invoice and official receipt (Flight tickets)

HRD Corp reserves the right to QUERY or REQUEST any other relevant documents deemed necessary (in addition to the documents stated above) for verification purposes before approving the claim.  

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